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How to protect your home from those minuscule-sized wreckers

Posted in housekeeping with tags on May 22, 2008 by maxpwnage

Just imagine the home that you have worked so hard to put up going down not because of a sudden natural disaster, but because of those “friendly” termites.

So,here are a few precautionary measures to make those termites eat dust.

1.  Always have the proper termiticide in place. Whethere you’re just moving away in to your newly built home or maintaining the one that you have lived since childhood, it is always highly recommended that you have a termiticide in place.  As always, keep them away from the kids.

2.  Check the house for wall cracks. Termites need only 1/64th of an inch to enter and start a full-blown infestation.  They create tunnels from their home in the soil in constant search for wood to survive. Once they find cracks and crevices inside your home, they will bore into it or worse, create pencil-sized mud tunnels from ground levels to where a structure’s wood frame begins.

3. Repair damaged pipe and sewers. Termites love moist areas and and tiny cracks in the sewege system may provide them openings for a full-blown infestation. Best to have a safe organic solvent around.

While a termite attack is more tolerable and more bearable than a damage caused by an earthquake or a cyclone or any form of mother nature’s wrath,  life would be less-stressful if we don’t have those little wreckers ramong around our homes which we work hard to pay its mortgage.