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5 Secrets a cheating partner keeps

Posted in Personal with tags , , on May 21, 2008 by maxpwnage

In all relationships, both parties must expect turbulence to protrude in any way possible. And as we all know, trust is the basic foundation for any commitment. What more in relationships? We may or may not trust someone but at times, we cannot really elude being in doubt about some ideas running through our mind. We all know too, that, being in such a commitment like love means, being attached to one person and that is called, monogamy. We are not made to be polygamous but most women say that men can have such attributes.

What goes through a man’s mind then? Do you think women can do the same? I think both gender have the capability to be a little off track at times of confusion and here are some deep secrets, a cheating partner may keep. 1. Being too much of an angel – Being a good person to your significant other is great. But being one too much? Something might be fishy. Study shows that men who have office affairs tend to make up their “polygamous mistakes” when they get home. We cannot prove that this goes with every men but, this will just depend on you if you really trust your man. Someone I knew narrated that story to me. His wife was so good to him that he thought it was too good to be true. Turned out, when the guy goes to work, another guy substitutes for him. 2. Accounts – Whatever kind of account, check it out. Myspace, Multiply, Facebook even bank accounts! They can hide something there. Make sure you know all your partner’s accounts because I’ve read this testimonial once from a wife to a cheating husband that went saying, “Thank you for letting me know that you are cheating on me through myspace!” What happen was, the guy, thinking the girl wouldn’t find out the secret account, posted pictures of him and the girl he was seeing.

3. Friend – A guy or a girl’s close friend must be the best source IF and only if, the friends’ loyalty is in you or to the guy. This happens in two ways. He is too loyal to the person that he doesn’t want his life to be messed up, thus, spreading the beans in the floor to let you know what is happening for early recovery or, the vice versa of it. Ratting you out. 4. He buys new things – It may be a new wardrobe, a new exercise or whatever beauty regimen he does to himself. Who then is he/she doing that for then? The dog? The street beggar? A colleague? Maybe? You’ve got to be suspicious to be safe. Secret stuff- This will be the strongest indicator as this is the topic. Be careful if your partner talks to someone every night while you are sleeping, chats with a so-called “friend” when you are taking a bath or, drives off at an odd hour when your partner is usually home on weekends.

These are just 5 indicators that you should be cautious and aware. It is like secrets that you do not want to come true. Also like prevention is better than cure, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Just remember, with trust, you do not need to doubt these. But if you are suspicious even a teeny-winy-bit, you better check those things listed here! Are you having a smooth one?