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Five Hilarious Videos from the Land of the Rising Sun

Posted in Weird with tags , , , , , on May 5, 2008 by maxpwnage

Japan is well known as the technology capital of the world, and for their mix of traditional and modern customs and traditions. But in the intarwebs, they’re mostly known for their unique and random sense of humor, most of which have circulated the net thanks to Youtube. Here are five hilarious videos featuring some of the weirdest and quirkiest skits ever.

1. Hard Gay – One of the most well known videos circulating is that of Japanese comedian Masaki Sumitani‘s unique persona called “Razor Ramon HG” or simply “Hard Gay”, where he runs around in tight black leather gay fetish outfit performing acts of “charity” for unsuspecting bystanders while doing his trademark pelvic thrusts and catch phrases (such as dancing around while shouting “HOOO!”). Watching his videos really crack me up, especially the reactions of the unsuspecting populace as a flamboyant man dressed in a leather fetish outfit comes along and prances about.

2. Do not Laugh! – A clip from the variety show Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! featuring a skit called “No-Laughing High School -batsu (or `punishment´)” where the 5 stars of the show where if the participant laughs in any way, he gets punished. It’s really hilarious and it’s really hard not to laugh from it, if I was part of this I’d definitely lose bigtime.

3. Toilet Pranks – Probably one of the most bizzare and outrageous pranks ever, and one that’ll definitely never see light on this side of the world is this hilarious toilet prank, where unsuspecting people who use portable toilets get the shock of their lives when they suddenly rise up from the roof or get dragged out into sea by a boat. To see is to believe!

4. Human Tetris – Here’s a really creative contest on a Japanese gameshow where contestants try to match the shapes of the holes on an incoming moving wall. It’s one of the most famous skits and I think there are shows who tried to copy the concept, but this is definitely the funniest.

5. The Silent Library – Also from Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!, here the participants are subjected to a sort of “Russian Roulette” with cards inside a library, wherein cards with a crossbone on it entitles them with a punishment, and they have to stay as silent as possible! It’s recieved international attention thanks to the participation of former K-1champion Ernesto Hoost.


Ten Weird and Funny Signs from all over

Posted in Weird with tags , on April 25, 2008 by maxpwnage

Signs have been a regular part of our everyday lives. We see them everywhere, and thanks to them, our lives become a little more convenient. They provide safety, warn us of danger, they tell us where to go and even giving us options on what to spend our money on. Let’s face it, we can’t live without signs.

Not surprisingly, signs also provide us with hearty laughs. There are hundreds of unusual and strange signs out there, and what’s great is most of them aren’t supposed to be funny in the first place! Here’s ten strange signs from around the world:

That’s harsh.

What else can you do then?

This is gonna be tough.

Surprise your loved one with an instant family!

Who the hell goes fishing on a toilet?

Sad thing is is, you still have to pay for it.

From the “adding insult to injury” department…

Lost in translation?

With signs like these, it might actually be a good idea to go out and look out for them. Always keep an eye out for hilarious signs, there’s bound to be one around the corner!