What has the world come to?

The world has been hit by two major disasters in a month.  First, cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar and a 7.8 earthquake hit Soutwest China.  The death tolls are not in single digits but by hundreds of thousands and even millions of people.  The military junta Myanmar only began accepting a few international aid weeks after the nasty cyclone and a almost a considerable part of Sichuan province in China has been literally drawn out of hte map..

What makes matters most disheartening are those children who got trapped in the school buildings in China. They were just innocently studying and I can’t imagine the fear they felt when the building shook so badly.  As I was watching the updates on the rescue operations it was so sad and I was almost teary-eyed when I saw the parents crying the so helplessly.  Please let us all pray and hope that those tragedies will be the last at least in a longer time.


3 Responses to “What has the world come to?”

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    What has the world come to? | Max Pwnage

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