Persona 4 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Persona 3 is arguably the best RPG of 2007, and Atlus will soon be releasing a follow-up for the Playstation 2, Persona 4. A 17-minute trailer was released with the gaming magazine Famitsu giving us an exclusive look at the new game:

Unlike Persona 3 which took place in a modern setting, Persona 4 will be set in a rural town and will have a suspense-thriller murder mystery theme as well as new characters.

Aside from that, the systems that were introduced in the previous game such as Social Links and the battle system will remain intact, but gone this time is the controversial “evokers” of the first game, replaced by what seems to be eyeglasses. Another new feature of Persona 4 is an active weather system replacing the previous game’s moon phase system.

I loved Persona 3’s unique style and engaging gameplay and I can’t wait for this game to be released on our shores! Persona 4 will be released in Japan on July 2008. Also, check out screenshots of the game at The Magic Box.


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