Why multitasking while driving isn’t the best move

I’ve always though that headphones are just that device that you would put to your ear so that you won’t disturb anyone around you and vice versa. I realized that it was more than that.In mobile phones, headphones or what others call as “hands-free” are important safety factors when operating a motor vehicle. If you are not driving, this will also help you in isolating external noises. Be warned that using mobile phones for long durations is bad for the health, the brain in particular.

Are you guilty of talking in the phone while driving? For safety purposes, inside or outside, driving or not, better use headphones to avoid anything not good. I know I am guilty of that but, surely, that habit is simple and easy to avoid.


One Response to “Why multitasking while driving isn’t the best move”

  1. OBloodyHell Says:

    By all means, if you think a phone call is more important than your driving, DO IT.


    One thing civilization has done well is to remove all the threats to survival for really, really stupid people with bad genes, which means that the really stupid ones reproduce… usually more than the smart ones, since having more kids than you can afford to support is something smart people avoid like the plague.

    So, whenever something comes around which offers a chance to cull the gene pool, I heartily encourage it.

    My motto:
    — “More Tigers, Less Tiger Food!!”


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