Ten Weird and Funny Signs from all over

Signs have been a regular part of our everyday lives. We see them everywhere, and thanks to them, our lives become a little more convenient. They provide safety, warn us of danger, they tell us where to go and even giving us options on what to spend our money on. Let’s face it, we can’t live without signs.

Not surprisingly, signs also provide us with hearty laughs. There are hundreds of unusual and strange signs out there, and what’s great is most of them aren’t supposed to be funny in the first place! Here’s ten strange signs from around the world:

That’s harsh.

What else can you do then?

This is gonna be tough.

Surprise your loved one with an instant family!

Who the hell goes fishing on a toilet?

Sad thing is is, you still have to pay for it.

From the “adding insult to injury” department…

Lost in translation?

With signs like these, it might actually be a good idea to go out and look out for them. Always keep an eye out for hilarious signs, there’s bound to be one around the corner!


30 Responses to “Ten Weird and Funny Signs from all over”

  1. […] Ten Weird and Funny Signs Ten Weird and Funny Signs […]

  2. Birdzilla Says:

    The most rediculous signs ever

  3. Hi there. Thanks for the linkup and the extra traffic.

  4. that is awesome. how did you find all of them?

  5. last one,it’s weird!!

  6. jsoc> You’d find them on the trains in Japan. I’ve always noted how strange they are. Man I miss that country and all their weird signs and translations

  7. maxpwnage Says:

    @M: Thank WordPress’ new feature. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for dropping by.

    @Tyler: Actually I just collected em from all over the internet.

    @Jsoc, M: Yeah, probably the weirdest sign I’ve ever seen. Man, the Japanese love doing crazy and funny stuff like these, that’s why they rock. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. max> What’s most funny is that they don’t even realise. There have been times when I explain to hotel managers how offensive their signs are, they immediately take it off and I get a fruit basket or a voucher the following week. It’s an amazing country and I’m proud to be half Japanese.

  9. ben dover Says:

    i think ur funny……although my fave is the japan one n the handicap one

  10. Haha, now that’s just hilarious… signs always cheer me up.

  11. I have a few posts myself i made on paint of some cool signs but their all bundled up… you can have some if you want… XD

  12. sreimer Says:

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  14. those were way funny! can i them on my site when i get the funny pics feature working properly?!!?!?!?!?!?!? please and thank you

  15. Awesome. โค Britt

  16. lee wheller Says:

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  17. hahaha the last one looks like its a guys he sticks out his penis then had sex with a girl then got pregnant then the girl has a baby. thaat sign i soo funny

  18. does anyone wana have sex my penis is very long and stiff right now

  19. hey britt u look hot wana have sex

  20. LOLGIRL! Says:

    LOL! I love the last one! When I went to Japan I saw one like that on a bus!

  21. Kylie Magoram :L Says:

    gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay… Jokesss its awsomee! Im gunna keep looking for funny signs ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Kylie Magoram :L Says:

    you have gotta put some more up!! there soo funny, and yh ‘yap’ i feel like that too but theres no way were gonna do that lol x

  23. sex_addict Says:

    who wants sex? i do my dick it having an erection!

  24. Kylie Magoram :L Says:

    Hahahaa, that was my brother don’t listen to him!

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